Translating complex ideas into compelling creative messages (and Chinese)

Schifino Lee works its magic across many global industries — big, small and otherwise. A recent project took us into the obscure world of lead anodes for electro refining. RSR Anodes, based in Casa Grande, AZ needed a new website and sales literature to present its products to a worldwide audience of hydrometallurgical processors.

RSR’s manufactured product is a slab of lead and other materials that when charged with an electric current will attract a specific non-ferrous metal (such as zinc or cobalt) from ore dissolved in acid. For the Schifino Lee creative team, the first stop was educating themselves on electro winning—that is the refining process that employs the anodes—and the RSR manufacturing process.

The new website describes the numerous compositional and manufactured features of the anodes, and the benefits they present to metal refiners. Schifino Lee reduced these complex concepts into concise language that can be understood by everyone involved in the purchasing process—from a plant manager with an advanced engineering degree to a purchasing manager who never studied chemistry.

One more challenge to Schifino Lee was publishing the information in 5 languages: Spanish, French, Chinese and Japanese as well as English. Since its launch the website has had more than 25,000 unique visitors which is excellent traffic for this niche product. View website:

Schifino Lee also provided RSR Anodes with SEO services in order to drive quality traffic to the site, and developed a robust Content Management System for client administration.

Why has Schifino Lee been retained by clients from so many different industries, in places near and far? Because, we listen to our clients and learn about their businesses—and we translate what they do into creative work that is fresh and compelling—in both digital and traditional media.

And shouldn’t we all start doing business in Chinese?

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