SL Spotlight: Brooke Worthan

SL Spotlight illuminates the talents and personal stories of our one-of-a-kind team members who day in and day out enable us to neurotically care for our clients. This month’s Spotlight shines on Brooke Worthan.

Your role?
As a member of our creative team, I work with our creative and art directors, account managers, and media strategists to bring a creative vision to life for our clients through a variety of multimedia channels.

What you’re working on this month?
I work on a bit of everything. Websites, emails, social media posts, digital banner ads, animations, storyboards, audio and video communications, print and digital ads, client branding materials for internal and external communications, and some illustrations here and there.

Things about advertising that interest you the most?
Mixed reality and immersive space. I love spending free time learning and testing out new mediums when I can.

Most rewarding professional accomplishment so far?
There have been so many people that I’ve had the opportunity to work with over the last few years that I am grateful for. The most rewarding part has really been having the opportunity to create so many things and work as a team to apply our full creativity for our clients.

Best moment at Schifino Lee?
On an ad agency tour during college when I walked into Schifino Lee, and knew I wanted to be there. I grabbed one of Ben Lee’s business cards on the way out, and when I opened a notebook later, there was Ben’s business card. That prompted me to apply for an internship, and the rest is history.

Job you’d pursue if not in advertising?
That’s a good question. Before I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in web and graphic design at the Art Institute of Tampa, I went to FSU and studied international affairs for three and a half years, but If I could go back now, maybe I would do computer science. Who knows?

Things you like to do outside of work?
I love kayaking, beachgoing, exploring, and enjoying Tampa events and sports.

Scenes of some of my favorite people and favorite things to do. When kayaking, I love my five-finger shoes (but it takes some time to get that little toe in!).

Favorite movie?
I have so many, but if I had to pick one, it would probably be The Breakfast Club.

Favorite vacation?
Summer trip to Europe with my family. So many memories, and I even had my hair cut and got bangs on the trip.

Having fun in Rome.

Any three dinner guests?
My Mimi (grandmother), Nikola Tesla and Charlie Chaplin.

With my Mimi.
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