SL Spotlight: Jennifer Ruyle

SL Spotlight illuminates the talents and personal stories of our one-of-a-kind team members who day in and day out enable us to neurotically care for our clients. This month’s Spotlight shines on Jennifer Ruyle.

Your role?
Executive Creative Director, Lead Brand Strategist and master problem solver!

What you’re working on this month?
A little of everything . . . but I’m super excited about a video campaign project for one of our pillar clients.

On vacation at Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado.

Things about advertising that interest you the most?
The human psychology part and the way that brands can genuinely connect an emotional benefit of a product or service with the right target audience. I also love how the power of advertising can actually lead people to get tattoos of brands and name their kids after them.

Most rewarding professional accomplishment?
Although this was a while back, nothing tops the thrill of creating a Super Bowl spot with George Lucas’s company! And having the spot run for three years after its initial airing.

Exploring Telluride, Colorado, with my family.

Best moment at Schifino Lee?
Playing a joke on my boss that I had hired two new creatives to join our department. As he looked at me a tad angry and bewildered, as if thinking “who the heck do you think you are,” I pulled out an ultrasound photo to reveal that I was going to have two new additions – twins!

Job you’d pursue if not in advertising?
A performer in musical theater or on Broadway, playing the role of Maria in The Sound of Music.

Me (center) taking part in an eight-week musical theater program in Tampa at the Patel Conservatory, a part of the Straz Center, the fourth-largest performing arts institution in the U.S.

Things you like to do outside of work?
Swim, play pickle ball with my family, and go to the beach. I also love spending time with my third child, my labradoodle, Otis, at the Riverwalk dog park in Tampa.

Otis and me in a Halloween contest put on by Wag, a pet store.

Favorite movie?
The Sound of Music.

Favorite vacation?
Monthlong vacation in Italy (Rome, Venice, Florence and Tuscany) with my hubby – pre-kids!

Any three dinner guests?
My late nana, Angela Turk; Julie Andrews; and Melissa McCarthy (we went to high school together).

Taking on the rapids in Ellijay, Georgia, on summer vacation in 2020.
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