SL Spotlight: Kerry Kaminski

SL Spotlight illuminates the personal stories of our one-of-a-kind talent who day in and day out enables us to neurotically care for our clients. This month’s Spotlight shines on Kerry Kaminski.

Your role?
Just starting my 12th year with Schifino Lee as accountant, office manager, computer problem solver and guidance counselor.

What you’re working on this month?
Projections and budgets for 2024.

Things about advertising that intrigue you the most?
The collaboration of creative minds in action and the telling of clients’ stories through the written word, video, art, and other media. I often like to think that I contribute my own version of creativity by telling a financial and quantitative story about the successes of the agency and our teams.

Best moment at Schifino Lee?
Hard to name one, but I would say one of the most rewarding experiences is having an opportunity to engage with younger team members and interns. I always enjoy seeing their curiosity, openness, and energy, and watching them grow in their careers and personal lives.

Job you would pursue if not in advertising?
Practical: architect. Impractical: rock star. I used to want to be a badass guitarist and lead singer of a rock band, but I never could get my fingers to play the guitar chords. Lately, I envision myself as a crazy-good drummer.

Favorite vacation?
So unfair because every vacation is my favorite — until the next one. Some favorite memories are panning for gold in the Colorado River, driving up the Pacific Coast Highway, watching the fall leaves swirl up along the small-town roads of Tennessee, experiencing Christmas in New York City, picking shamrocks and chasing leprechauns in Ireland, shopping on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, sailing down the Rhine River though many countries, and shelling and snorkeling on countless beaches.

Favorite movie?
Not really a movie or TV person and don’t have a favorite, but the last movie I saw was Bohemian Rhapsody. Now if you ask me about my favorite concerts, that’s a different story! That one would be Lynyrd Skynyrd in the early fall of 1977, in Hollywood, Florida.

Song that makes you dance?
Any song, anytime, anywhere. Music makes my soul dance and my heart incredibly happy. I’ve been known to dance and embarrass my daughter in places where most people choose to just walk, and today I like to “wiggle” with my adorable granddaughters to anything Miss Rachel.

My son-in-law, daughter and granddaughters.

Any three dinner guests?
I can’t name just three, so I would prefer a dinner party with everyone that I have ever loved; one where we share wonderful memories and laughter until our cheeks hurt.

My dog, Kalea. 

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