SL Spotlight: Krishna Patel

Krishna Patel

SL Spotlight illuminates the talents and personal stories of our one-of-a-kind team members who day in and day out enable us to neurotically care for our clients. This month’s Spotlight shines on Krishna Patel, Accounts Coordinator.

Your role?
Helping manage the many day-to-day tasks to keep our accounts on track, like scheduling, coordinating internal approvals and communicating with clients. I’m also involved in strategy and content creation for social media, an area that’s a passion of mine.

What you’re working on this month?
Social media strategy and planning for two of our clients, Alessi Foods and Muscaro & Martini Dentistry. I’m also working on several other accounts, serving as point person between our creative teams, senior management and clients to keep everyone working in unison and ensure we’re efficient in delivering our best work.

Working in the lounge area of our office.

Things about advertising that interest you the most?
Working with diverse clients and industries, staying on top of the latest marketing and communication trends, and continuing to build on my understanding of consumer decision making.

Most rewarding accomplishment so far?
Helping revamp the social media strategy and content for Schifino Lee, and developing an entire plan and workflow for our social media, just as I would for a client. As a relatively new graduate, I’d also add to this having the opportunity to earn a master’s in advertising from Boston University.

At my graduation.

Best moment at Schifino Lee?
Anytime I get a chance to learn new things and put them into practice is my best moment.

Job you’d pursue if not in advertising?
Either an interior designer or an entrepreneur in an area that I have a passion for, like art!

Things you like to do outside of work?
Painting and doing creative things whenever I can. I always have my journal around whenever I’m exploring new places to capture things through art. I also enjoy creating custom artwork for things like sneakers, invitations and portraits.

A sample of some of the artwork I enjoy creating.

Favorite movie?
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Favorite vacation?
A trip I took after graduation to London with my best friends. We visited during Christmastime and were able to experience the magic of the holiday season in the people, streets, buildings, food and everything!

Taking in the holiday season during my trip to London.

Any three dinner guests?
Priyanka Chopra, Justina Blakeney and Hasan Minhaj.

Another photo from my London trip, at the Tower Bridge.
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