Slee helps end the foreclosure crisis

“Creating a great user experience and establishing a superior brand, in addition to providing outstanding service offering is important to us. With Schifino Lee we accomplished it all.”

—Eric Friedman, President of PREO LLC

Schifino Lee has helped Tampa, Fla.-based PREO rebrand itself and its website with a consumer friendly new face and user experience that captures the brand’s promise of value and speed.

PREO is the complete online solution the real estate market needs to make short sales work. PREO brings together lenders, buyers, homeowners and realtors to turn foreclosed and underwater properties back into family homes.

The new look and user experience was the result of a series of calculated steps, designed to ensure that the online marketplace for short sale and REO properties matched consumer needs, as well as the brand characteristics of the company.

Schifino Lee researched how consumers use online sites to search for short sales and utilized these findings to help PREO keep its promise to make short sales and REO sales faster, cheaper and easier for everyone involved.

Value is important because, in this economy, people expect to get the best home for a great price. But equally important is the speed at which a short sale can be realized – typically not short at all. PREO offers the best value by listing the lender’s lowest acceptable price, which speeds up the sale process, because consumers are no longer guessing what the bank expects for the property, the deal can be done more quickly on PREO deals – in approximately 45 days.

Schifino Lee

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