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Social content creation

To effectively build a strong social presence in the constantly evolving world of social media, you need an experienced partner. Utilizing everything from social listening tools to detailed analytics on ad performance, Schifino Lee’s social team can implement a custom strategy for your brand. Social media is much more than a channel: it’s the core of your customers’ online experience. In order to stay relevant, brands must leverage their unique voice to engage with customers and foster unshakeable brand loyalty.

Video content creation

Brands that properly utilize video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video marketers. Whether you’re talking digital pre-roll videos, video content for social media, long-format website videos, or traditional TV commercials, Schifino Lee can help your brand harness the full power of video. We start with a strategically-grounded idea and then blow it out in flawless execution—from script to storyboard to video shoot to post-production.

Blog content creation

Sure, you could write your own blog. But let’s face it: Writing a blog isn’t easy and do you really want to spend your precious time struggling to come up with clever content? Blogs offer a powerful medium for publishing longer-form content that can provide valuable information to attract and engage your audiences. Our writers have the set of expertise and range of experience to help you create blog content accurately, consistently, and effectively. These prose prodigies come from backgrounds that include blog writing at agencies, at large corporations, and at small and medium-sized companies, and they have written for every kind of industry under the sun, from technology to healthcare to financial services to manufacturing. Whether it’s writing one short blog post based on your notes or outline, or a series of in-depth posts requiring interviews, research, and translation of tech jargon into plain English, our team has the expertise and experience to turn your blog content up to 11.

Social management

Post a few funny memes and watch the likes and followers roll in. Right? It’s not so easy. To grow your online community, you must constantly create and implement new content that keeps your channels fresh. Schifino Lee can help. We have expertise in managing social media for companies of all sizes and industries and bring a seasoned team with diverse communication backgrounds, a multi-tiered creative process, a full range of content services, and a suite of professional in-house creative services. This allows us to offer social media management services for any need, including calendar development, daily and weekly scheduling, multimedia production, community management, and reporting. Let our team turn your social content into the envy of the internet.
Social Media Management

Creating authentic, engaging content that builds long-term relationships.

Digital channels are highly trackable, so you can accurately gauge your return on investment. But how can you know which channels are best for your brand?


Schifino Lee is here to help: we have the tools and talent required to drive brand awareness and fuel your business’s growth in today’s omnichannel marketplace. We fuse data with award-winning designs and best practices to create content that not only looks amazing—it converts to leads.

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