Interns Recap Their Summer at Schifino Lee: Part 3, Brianna Rhoads

This summer, we were privileged to be joined by three marketing and journalism majors about to start their senior years. In this post, the third in a series of three, Brianna Rhoads, a marketing major at Florida State University, adds to the insights of the first post in the series, by Henry Politz, a journalism major at the University of Missouri, and the second post, by Noemi Kerjean, a marketing major at FSU, and shares her insights on how collaboration, strategic thinking, and attention to detail are crucial to succeeding at an agency. If you or someone you know would be interested in an internship with us, we invite you to apply on our Work With Us page under Internship Opportunities.

Schifino Lee’s 2023 summers interns: Henry Politz, Brianna Rhoads and Noemi Kerjean.

By Brianna Rhoads

Internships serve as the perfect gateway for students to gain real-world experience in their chosen field. My time as an intern at Schifino Lee was a remarkable journey through this gateway that provided me with insights and hands-on learning opportunities. As part of this journey, I was fortunate enough to work alongside two other interns, Noemi Kerjean and Henry Politz. I’m so sad that this journey is coming to an end, but here are a few key takeaways that I will be able to apply in my future career.

One of the first lessons I learned at Schifino Lee was the power of collaboration. The agency has a culture of open communication and teamwork, where ideas are shared freely, and everyone’s perspective is valued. I was encouraged to contribute my thoughts and opinions, regardless of my position as an intern. Witnessing the agency’s team come together to brainstorm and execute campaigns taught me the importance of having a variety of skill sets to manage a project with.

Schifino Lee also taught me the significance of strategic thinking in the branding and advertising industry. I learned that effective campaigns are not solely about catchy slogans and eye-catching visuals but are rooted in a deep understanding of the client’s goals and target audience. I was able to get directly involved in conducting market research, analyzing data, and brainstorming creative strategies that aligned with the client’s objectives.

In the same way, one of the most valuable skills I learned during my internship was attention to detail. In the world of branding and advertising, every element, from the font choice to the color choice, plays an important role in conveying a brand’s message Developing this attention to detail not only enhanced my design skills but allowed me to provide the company with high-quality work.

At work in the Schifino Lee office.

Working in a fast-paced industry like advertising requires the ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. Schifino Lee exposed me to various clients and projects, each with its unique demands and timelines. I learned to manage multiple tasks while maintaining a high standard of work. This experience taught me the importance of being flexible, open-minded, and ready to embrace new challenges to thrive in any work environment.

Ultimately, Schifino Lee emphasized the importance of continuous learning and personal growth. I was encouraged to seek out opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills. The agency provided me with constructive feedback and guidance, and helped me strengthen my professional development.

In summary, my internship at Schifino Lee was an incredible experience that exceeded my expectations. The lessons and skills I acquired during my time here have had a profound impact on my career aspirations. The agency’s commitment to collaboration, strategic thinking, attention to detail, adaptability, and continuous learning are key components that have helped prepare me for the professional world.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of such an established organization, and I feel fortunate to be able to carry these key takeaways with me into the workforce.

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