Synapse Summit Surmounts Projections

A strategically executed campaign attracts Florida’s innovation community

When Synapse came to Schifino Lee for help building awareness and interest in their annual two-day innovation event, the bar was already set pretty high. With 400 speakers lined up and 111 breakout sessions planned, they not only needed to attract dozens more exhibitor organizations and thousands of attendees, they needed to do it in a relatively short timespan.

Recognizing such high goals were set, Schifino Lee went to work on a marketing, advertising and public relations plan that would pique the interest of innovators and entrepreneurs throughout Florida.Our first step was refining the names and messaging for Synapse’s core offerings—Synapse Connect, Synapse Challenges, and Synapse Summit. Next, we focused on a strategy that highlighted Synapse’s core belief that connections are the key to accelerating Florida’s thriving innovation community. Out of that came our omni-channel campaign of organic and paid social media, print advertising, public relations, and collateral materials.

In addition, community partnerships were an integral part of creating awareness and participation in the Synapse Summit. Community partners were provided with a library full of assets that could be used in their own marketing channels to show support for the event.


Schifino Lee’s efforts helped the 2019 Synapse Summit blow away expectations.

  • 5,500+ attendees for the two-day event
  • 300+ exhibitor organizations
  • 8,704 clicks generated to the Summit landing page
  • 1,234,880 impressions through paid Facebook &LinkedIn ads

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