TECO Peoples Gas partners with Schifino Lee

Teco People's Gas

TECO Peoples Gas partners with Schifino Lee to launch new campaign on the economic and environmental significance of natural gas

 Tampa, Fla., Aug 26 – TECO Peoples Gas has launched a new campaign, “At the Heart of Florida’s Energy,” created by Tampa-based advertising agency Schifino Lee. The new campaign educates consumers and influencers on the importance of natural gas as a key energy source in Florida. The multi-media campaign includes a microsite, short-form videos, an informational booklet, and a unified new look for its future communications.

“We developed an energetic and cohesive brand style that brings new life to a centuries-old energy source,” said Jennifer Ruyle, Schifino Lee’s brand manager. “It was important to make the brand relevant to a modern audience.”

Schifino Lee’s goal was to increase visibility and position TECO Peoples Gas as an energy leader in Florida by demonstrating how it benefits both the economy and environment. The resulting “At the Heart of Florida’s Energy” campaign covers five key areas as to why natural gas is an important energy source:

  • It’s economical – Natural gas is domestic and abundant, making it more affordable to businesses and individuals. This is especially important to help businesses get back on track following Covid closures;
  • It’s resilient – As hurricane season approaches, having reliable and resilient energy sources becomes even more crucial. Natural gas survives more outages than its energy competitors;
  • It’s sustainable – Natural gas provides a pathway to a lower carbon future. Because it’s energy efficient, it reduces both costs and greenhouse gas emissions;
  • It’s safe – Natural gas pipelines used by TECO Peoples Gas are the safest form of energy transportation. TECO Peoples Gas invests heavily in training, maintenance and safety measures, exceeding the government standards;
  • It’s good for Florida and its communities – Not only is natural gas better for cooking and more cost-effective for households, but TECO Peoples Gas has been ranked number one in customer satisfaction for several consecutive years.

This isn’t the first time Schifino Lee has modernized an environment-related brand. The agency has a history of successfully branding – and rebranding – battery recyclers, solar energy, steelmaking and electric utilities. Currently, Schifino Lee also works with WRB Energy (developers of renewables), Grenlec (national utility for Grenada), and the Steel Manufacturers Association (EAF steel producers).

“Energy and environmental-related companies need to connect with their communities and show how they are making a difference,” said Ben Lee, principal and co-founder of Schifino Lee. “We are thrilled to do it for Florida’s leading energy provider, TECO Peoples Gas.”

About Schifino Lee: Tampa-based Schifino Lee is a leading national agency that works with regional, national, and international clients to bring their vision to life by moving people with brilliant ideas. The agency’s passion for creativity and strategy, mixed with an “Innovate or Die” philosophy, is the fire that has helped Schifino Lee to constantly evolve with the ever-changing marketing landscape since 1993. For more information: www.schifinolee.com.


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