The TV Revolution

We haven’t made a TV commercial in a couple of months, but we’re doing more video production than ever. Why? It’s the net, baby.

TV is the fastest growing content on the Internet. According to AT&T, video made up 10% of the content they delivered to customers. In 2008 it was 40%, and this year they expect it to be 65%.

All that content isn’t TV shows and youtube clips. Companies and their marketers are making videos especially for the web. There are web commercials, marketing podcasts, tutorials, instructions and other informational casts. AT&T Voices and Views is a good example of how to use online video to market a service and promote a brand. Many businesses also use video on the web for training and internal communication across multiple offices and far flung sales forces.

In the last month we’ve made two video sales presentations, three product introductions, two “how to’s” and seven testimonials. And we’ve got a lot more in the works, including more online productions for AT&T. We may even make a commercial or two, if we have the time.

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