The Value of a Strong Corporate Culture

In a survey of 100 major corporations on the S&P 500, companies that ranked high in “corporate culture and candor” posted an average positive growth of 9.9%, while companies ranking low experienced a decline of 5.7%.  The executive communications of these top-ranked companies demonstrated a strong commitment to protecting their corporate reputations and building cultures of accountability.

While the correlation (and ROI) between company culture and positive growth seems obvious, many companies simply do not invest in building, sharing and teaching their company values… not with employees nor to customers.  Instead, these low-rankers mostly expend their communications chasing prospective customers (and neglecting their employees altogether).

What to do?  Develop a strategic communications plan to share your brand’s mission and values with employees and customers alike… and do it right. It could be as simple as a weekly email; or a monthly poster series throughout the office; or a company video interviewing (documenting) the stories of long-term employees. Whatever the tactics, the efforts are shown to pay off in spades.

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