Traditional TV: People are still watching. A lot.

These days it may seem like digital media has taken the world by storm. And while it is on the rise, Nielson is reporting great news when it comes to traditional television. 

As we become more streamlined in to the digital world, studies show that live audience numbers for TV have increased. What does this means for you? Two words: HUGE EXPOSURE. Even since incorporating added viewing options (ex: DVR, online streaming, mobile usage, etc.), total TV viewing has actually increased by nine hours in the past four years—a number that has nearly doubled. According to Nielson, within the first quarter of 2013 TV still remained the top form of media in monthly usage of various platforms for video viewing, accounting for 92.5% of all viewing.

While media formats, such as YouTube, seem to have “caught up with TV” boasting 1 billion users who consume 6 billion videos per month, these figures only represent a niche of visitors and video usage “per month for the whole world,” not the daily TV ratings provided by Nielson for the U.S. When translated in to numbers that could be compared to Google data, it was estimated that monthly worldwide TV viewing would be about 600 million hours, or 100 times the actual consumption of YouTube.

With the progression of the digital age in full swing, traditional TV has still proven to be a powerful media tool and comes highly recommended for your media mix. To discuss the optimal media mix for your brand contact our Media Director, Nordin Benhalima at or 813-258-5858 x236.


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