Transforming Ourselves

Today, CEO’s and VP’s are really getting creative when it comes to motivating their sales force. Schifino Lee recently completed an internal sales campaign for one of AT&T’s largest sales divisions, The Premier Client Group.

Our role was to create a sales theme based on relevant pop culture and extend last year’s mantra of championing change. Our concept spoofed the popular Transformers movies and characters. We created movie posters of their Regional Vice Presidents, AKA the Sellobots, for display in office and produced five videos to emphasize VP Optimus Anne’s vision of adapting to a changing market, in a fun upbeat way. Her call to action:
“Lead the Transformation. Be a Transformer.”

From a high-energy movie trailer, sent out to 1,000 reps via email, to life size Transformer robot cut outs of the core team at the annual 2010 conference, you could say we transformed ourselves from external marketing specialists to internal optimists!

Check out some of the elements from the campaign.

Watch video:

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