2022 Trends: How to Reach Gen Z

Eight seconds or less. That’s how long you have to win or lose the attention of a Generation Z consumer online. That’s 4 seconds less than the prior generation.

Marketers might have considered millennials a challenge, but Gen Z is setting the stage to become 40% of the U.S. population by 2022. For an estimated annual direct spending of $323-plus billion and an even greater influence over $1.2 trillion of spending, those eight seconds are critical to how your brand grows with this next generation.

Is your 2022 digital marketing strategy ready for shape-shifting segmentation, snackable content, purpose-driven brand strategy and more realness than ever before? The next evolution of consumer behavior is here — and to us, that’s the catalyst for innovation.

Interested in more insights on topics like TikTok trends, virtual reality experiences, and native ads? Then download our 2022 Trends Report to stay in the know for what’s sure to be a fast-moving year.

Download Schifino Lee’s 2022 Trends Report.

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