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Now that that’s taken care of, on to blogging. We’ll be posting fun tidbits about our agency, the advertising world in Tampa and beyond, and all things we find blog worthy in Tampa Bay.

As we find ourselves buried in the midst of this nasty little recession, keep in mind these tips offered by Beth Ann Kaminkow, president-chief operating officer of TracyLocke, an agency with offices in Wilton, Conn.; New York; San Francisco; and Dallas.

1. Relax the rules.
“No” is one of the smallest but most damaging words in the English language. Instead, look for ways to say “yes.” Relax the rules about how you let people use the Internet. Remain flexible about hours. Allow more freedom where you can. This creates an environment where creativity can thrive.

2. Create a low-cost ‘innovation lab.’
Encourage individuals and teams to create and test new ideas in a “lab” environment — either by creating a physical space or through a cultural transition. Think about Google and Pixar. Then challenge the entire company to solve a pressing business issue or internal concern.

3. Interview new talent, and publicize their talent and skills.
Build a pipeline for the future. Encourage connections with talent in the marketplace, some of whom may be without jobs. You get to tell your story to the outside world, while finding good people in the job market. Nothing makes you appreciate your job and company more than meeting people who want it.

4. ‘Day trip’ the professional development.
Get out of the office! Visit a venue that fosters creative thinking: museums, galleries. Go to the supermarket and look at new products on the shelves. Give everyone a real-world perspective to solve creative challenges in an out-of-the-office context.

5. Embrace social networking.
Get your employees involved in establishing the company’s online community to optimize social-networking opportunities. They’re doing it anyway, so why not enable them to benefit the company as well?

Encourage new freedoms and do things a little differently. People remember managers and leaders who manage, lead and inspire instead of hiding and using the economy as an excuse. That sets the tone for the entire agency. When the economy starts to turn, you’ll be well-positioned for growth.

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