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About Hyde House

Hyde House is an innovative new workspace located in the heart of South Tampa’s Old Hyde Park Village. The 30,000 square foot space features a 2,000-square-foot covered veranda, fitness and wellness room, member bar, lounge, and kitchen, a photo studio, a test kitchen, and a private, bleacher-style auditorium. We see spaces like Hyde House as the future of how we work, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of the ‘anti-office’ revolution.

Hyde House Lobby

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About our office

As an anchor tenant, we were able to carve out of large chunk of space for our private office complex. But while every employee has their own desk, many prefer to work and mingle in the co-work spaces throughout the day—or at the park, cupcake store or coffee shop across the street. This freedom of movement combined with a real sense of community and collaboration gives off a powerful energy. We’ve been feeding off this energy, elevating our work to a whole new level.


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About our art instillation

We were thrilled to partner with Pep Rally, an amazing group of artists who bring concepts to life through murals and installations, to create and install artwork in our three main office spaces. The concept of the piece reflects how even the greatest creative minds and iconic brands in advertising change with the times. The images used are aspirational, moving our team to join the pantheon of advertising greats, and inspirational, signifying that we can never rest on our laurels. We think it turned out great!

Mural section

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