What does your brand want to be when it grows up?

Dan Stevenson / Executive Creative Director

“Each and every interaction a brand has with its customers is an opportunity to reaffirm its differentiation, reputation and raison d’être. Those core brand-building opportunities are all the more important early in a brand’s life for establishing a healthy marketplace position,”said Stevenson the newly appointed Executive Creative Director at Schifino Lee. “Brands, like people, grow up with lifelong personality traits that are reinforced through their consistent actions, appearance and voice. So it’s in a lesser-known brand’s best interest to take a longer view in defining its ideal market perception. After all, it’s tough to make a meaningful first impression a second time.”

Our new Executive Creative Director, Dan Stevenson, brings extensive experience in building national and international consumer and B2B brands to the Schifino Lee team. Having held executive-level Creative Direction roles at various integrated creative agencies under the Omnicom & Interpublic umbrellas, Dan was responsible for brands like Diageo, Kraft, American Express, Roche Pharmaceuticals, U.S. Smokeless Tobacco and Unilever.

His understanding of how to turn business challenges into streamlined strategic communication pathways helps inspire better overall agency creative product. As a result, he and his teams’ work have won most major industry awards for both creativity and effectiveness. Meanwhile, his integrated background meshes seamlessly with Schifino Lee’s media-neutral perspective, allowing him to direct work in the communication channels best suited to tell each brand’s story in the most meaningful way.

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