What happened to portfolio reviews?

I asked the other creative team members yesterday and they concurred: no one has asked for a portfolio review.

This is a classic job search strategy for the budding creative. You call art directors and copywriters at agencies and ask them to please do you the favor of just looking at your work. You get some exposure around town and maybe a mentor. The reviewer gets the rare thrill of being treated like an expert.

But it’s not happening. Why? Do kids not need jobs? Is the one mass review their college arranges enough? Is their work so good it needs no critique? Or are we supposed to just discover their portfolios online?

Even with all the amazing advances in networking technology, your next job is not going to find you. No matter how connected you are, you’re still just a straw in the haystack if no one knows you’re there. So call or email. Introduce yourself. Ask to show your work. What’s the worst that can happen?

(At Schifino Lee the worst that can happen is a polite no. At some other shops in town it’s humiliation that will scar you for life).

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