What I Didn’t Know, What I thought I Knew, What I Now Know.

Summer intern Sarah Brandon provides this entry about her experience of learning the craft of copywriting at Schifino Lee.

Be brilliant, ask questions and only execute fresh and creative ideas. I can thank Evan Brownstein, Chief Creative Officer, for that one. When I first started working at Schifino Lee as a copywriting intern, the last thought that entered my mind was that I would be hammering hundreds of beer bottle caps for a giant elephant head. But when you join an ad agency that created a billboard made of 120,000 pennies, would bottle cap art really be that farfetched?

I love this industry. I am amazed by the creativeness. I am blown away by the innovative ideas. But I am most in love with the unlimited possibilities. Other than Hollywood, what industry allows you to dream up anything and turn it into reality? Well, only in advertising can the answer be banana cigars. Yes, another wild Zoo idea.

When I first started this internship, I felt my heart almost pound through my chest. But when I think back, I can’t believe how nervous I was. I am still uncertain. I constantly rethink and rewrite, which frustrates me sometimes. But I learned that’s what it takes to get fresh ideas. I also snap back into reality and realize that I’ve experienced only five weeks of advertising at one firm.

My summer at Schifino Lee has been a blast. I enjoy everything I do. The view is killer. The people I work with are amazing. I even like waking up in the morning for work. If interns were paid, it would be perfect.

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