What I’m doing here

In this edition of Blog and Pony Show Tyler Ward, our newest intern, explains why he signed on.

I’m interning at Schifino Lee because I’m hungry for new experiences. I have a strong background in finance, and anyone in my shoes and his right mind would be pursuing jobs in investment banking right now.  Maybe I should say anyone in his left mind would be pursuing a job in investment banking since that’s the analytical side of the brain.  And there’s the problem: I am in my right mind—creative and eager for all kinds of stimulation—and left-brain businesses such as law and finance do not have the creative energy that stimulates me (at least in entry positions).

So far nothing has quenched my thirst for new experiences and creativity as well as advertising and branding.  It is exciting, motivating, and thought provoking to constantly have a fresh task at hand.  Furthermore, I love learning new things and I learn best by doing (I read far too slow, even after numerous speed reading classes, to learn fast enough to be “contempt”).

My experience at Schifino Lee so far has been fast paced and stimulating (which I certainly expected since my other experiences with Paola Schifino—a close family friend—have been far from ordinary).  So far, Schifino Lee has given me exactly what I want, I have asked – to learn while having the chance to be creative.

Finally, I need to confess that my left brain did play a part in my decision to intern here. All this experience will look good on my resume.

Tyler Ward is not only our best dressed intern ever, but the best-dressed man in the office. He is a recent graduate of Stetson University and is a native of Tampa.

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