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Alessi Foods

Complete digital overhaul feeds 30% bump in millennial sales for national food brand. Leveraging authenticity to catapult brand awareness in a key demographic.
Influencer Campaigns


Alessi’s brand loyalists were overwhelmingly middle-aged at a time when grocery sales, their primary revenue channel, were declining. In order to turn around sales, the brand needed to expand its appeal to a younger generation of foodies while also building their online sales presence.


Reposition Alessi as an authentic Italian brand that inspires millennials to create their own traditions. We launched an improved e-commerce store, entered online sales channels (e.g. InstaCart, Shipt), and optimized mobile marketing with an emphasis on video content and social influencers.
Influencer Campaigns Alessi Foods Schifino Lee Tampa Florida
Influencer Campaigns
Alessi Foods Mobile Marketing Schifino Lee Tampa Florida
Alessi Email Marketing


Since the new campaign’s launch in January 2017:
Influencer campaign delivered
21 M
overall impressions
Ongoing social media drove
44 %
of overall web traffic
Grew sales by
30 %
to millennial audience
Schifino Lee

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