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Flagship Bank

This multi-branch and beloved community bank has assembled the best bankers in the region to offer unprecedented relationship-driven service to local businesses. To communicate this commitment to excellence, Flagship enlisted Schifino Lee to tell its story and help evolve the bank into a regional powerhouse.
Flagship Bank Apple Pie


Flagship provides a level of extraordinary service you don’t find at any other bank. And while its current customers were all well aware of this fact, the region at large was not. We needed to reach beyond Flagship’s current customer base and create top-of-mind brand awareness as the “go to” community bank for Tampa Bay businesses.


Our brand insights led to a new tagline, “A Relationship Beyond Banking,” that embodies Flagship’s personal commitment to customers by going above and beyond in ways most bigger banks can’t even come close to anymore. Next, we created a heartfelt TV commercial centered around Flagship’s ownable and iconic gesture of hand delivering apple pies to new customers. The :30-second spot aired on cable and streaming video while a :15-seond version was featured on social media channels. Take a look.
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