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Florida Advanced Spine and Orthopedics

Florida Advanced Spine and Orthopedics is a highly specialized, patient-centric medical practice that strives to exceed patients’ expectations by helping them find personalized solutions to their spine and orthopedic needs. In particular, the practice focuses on applying minimally invasive procedures that avoid surgery unless absolutely necessary.
Florida Advanced Spine and Orthopedics


Florida Advanced Spine and Orthopedics enlisted Schifino Lee to help craft an overarching brand strategy and compelling creative campaign to generate awareness of its spine and orthopedic services as well as define its industry expertise and leadership. The practice was originally named FastMD, which led some people to think it was an urgent-care center rather than a highly specialized spinal and orthopedic center.


Following a market and competitive analysis, Schifino Lee developed a new name for the practice, Florida Advanced Spine and Orthopedics, and created a new tagline, “Minimally Invasive, Maximum Care.” The new branding drove awareness that Florida Advanced Spine and Orthopedics is a specialized center committed to each patient’s individual well-being through personalized solutions to their particular spine and orthopedic needs. After establishing a solid brand identity, Schifino Lee shifted its focus to the development of brand awareness by using a strategic mix of radio and internet ads, followed by a lead-generation campaign using paid social and digital display ads to continue driving brand awareness while attracting new patients.



Digital banner ads



Overall digital display, pre-roll video, streaming audio, and paid social ads yielded 3.9 million impressions at a strong 0.17% click-through rate (CTR). The pre-roll video campaign ads and the Facebook ads drove the overall digital campaign engagement with the highest CTRs, at 0.33% and 0.23%, respectively, followed by the remarketing ads. The display prospecting ads initially drove the overall campaign exposure and reach with 64% of total impressions and 67% of total clicks, which raised the awareness needed to increase brand equity for later conversions as the campaign progressed.
Pre-roll Video
1.1 M


2.6 M
Paid Facebook​
483 K
Streaming Audio​
270 K
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