Greenbrook Medical

Greenbrook Medical, established in 2021, is a network of doctor’s offices specializing in senior-focused primary care. Inspired by Dr. Prakash Machhar’s patient-centered approach developed over three decades, Greenbrook prioritizes cultivating deep, trusted patient relationships. With its origins in Greenbrook Plaza, New Port Richey, Florida, the clinics honor their founders’ legacy by providing personalized care and fostering community. Expanding rapidly in the Tampa Bay area, Greenbrook offers specialized treatment for older adults, personalized care plans, and round-the-clock access to a dedicated medical team. To enhance outreach and drive phone inquiries from prospective patients, Greenbrook Medical partnered with Schifino Lee for digital marketing outreach.
Greenbrook Medical


In a highly competitive healthcare landscape dominated by large national players, Greenbrook Medical sought powerful media strategies and advertising campaigns tailored to engage and convert their target demographic of seniors, emphasizing their specialized care and commitment to building strong doctor-patient relationships in their local communities.


Greenbrook Medical embarked on a comprehensive marketing endeavor starting June 15, 2023, targeting seniors seeking specialized healthcare services. The campaign marked Greenbrook’s foray into digital platforms with a robust mix of programmatic display ads, mobile geo-fencing, paid social media, and pre-roll videos.

One of the campaign’s primary objectives was to drive phone calls, a metric tracked through various tactics. Initially averaging 20-30 calls, the campaign saw significant growth, surpassing 100 calls per month by its fifth month.

Employing a diverse range of tactics including Connected TV (CTV), Behavioral Targeted Display, Pre-Roll Video, Website Retargeting, and social media advertising, Greenbrook Medical tailored its approach to engage potential patients across multiple touchpoints.

Responding to demand fluctuations, Greenbrook flexibly shifted locations, driven by the success observed in specific areas. Notably, one location nearing maximum capacity spurred this strategic relocation.

Originally planned as an 8-month campaign, the initiative’s success prompted an extension, with Greenbrook signing a new annual contract for the following year, with an option for a 12-month renewal of that next year. Reflecting increased investment, the monthly budget expanded by approximately 50% compared to the year prior, signaling a commitment to sustained growth and outreach.



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