Moffitt Cancer
Center - Speros

As Florida’s only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, Moffitt is equipped with top research and care experts that work side by side and stands well-positioned to revolutionize cancer treatment, elevate care, and save lives. In line with this mission, in 2023, in Pasco County, the county north of its headquarters, in Tampa, Moffitt broke ground on a 775-acre medical city expansion named Speros. The name of the state-of-the-art center is derived from the Latin word “sperare,” meaning “to hope,” and it was conceived to draw pioneering companies to collaborate in cutting-edge cancer research and therapies.
Moffitt Cancer Center - Speros


Moffitt tasked Schifino Lee to help recruit companies with innovative cancer research operations and treatments to become a part of Speros. Moffit’s chief goal was to cultivate an innovative ecosystem that would foster collaboration among partners, researchers, innovators, investors, and individuals passionate about advancing science, technology, and healthcare. The core areas that Moffitt was seeking partners for included research building, proton therapy, and ambulatory services; and the specific sectors included medical technology companies, in AI, biotech, food tech, cell and gene therapy, and pharma; life sciences and healthcare companies, in high-performance computing, biorepositories, and science as a service; and complementary service companies, in acute hospital care, meeting spaces, and hotels.


To help Moffitt achieve this, Schifino Lee created a 60-second brand video to help share the vision of Speros in bringing people and resources together, and in creating a global hub for solving complex problems and advancing hope and a healthier future. The video articulated the vision of Speros, raised awareness among diverse players in healthcare, science, and technology, and succeeded in attracting numerous companies to explore partnerships with Speros.


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