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SMA (Steel Manufacturers Association)

The Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA) is the largest steel association in America and represents the electric arc furnace (EAF) steel industry, which accounts for over 70% of steel made in in the U.S. EAF steelmaking is significantly cleaner, greener and more sustainable than traditional blast-furnace steelmaking.
Steel Manufacturers Association 2022 Annual Report


The SMA engaged Schifino Lee to create its 2022 annual report. The challenge was to design an innovative annual report that would showcase the association and position the industry as a rightful leader in innovation and sustainability in an industry otherwise known for aging, environmentally unfriendly production processes.


Schifino Lee developed both a print and digital annual report for SMA’s members, investors, members of the media, and other industry partners. The interactive report allowed SMA to distinguish itself as an innovator in the American steel industry. It not only showcased the organization’s success in growing and strengthening the electric arc furnace steel industry, but also promoted the overall value proposition of sustainable steel.
Schifino Lee

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