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The Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA) is the largest steel association in America and represents the electric arc furnace (EAF) steel industry, which accounts for over 70% of steel made in in the U.S. EAF steelmaking is significantly cleaner, greener and more sustainable than traditional blast-furnace steelmaking. We were enlisted to tell the untold story and benefits of EAF steel.
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The steelmaking industry remains one of the oldest and most storied industries in the U.S., but it has long been incorrectly perceived as an industry that relies on inefficient and highly polluting processes. To counter this, the SMA enlisted our team to help it rebrand the image of American-made steel to lawmakers, business leaders, and steel buyers, and to position the association as the recognized voice of the EAF American steel industry.


Schifino Lee created a top-to-bottom rebranding campaign that integrated an array of new creative branding, content and multimedia elements based on the strategic platform of “Redefining American Steel.” We launched with a vibrant new logo and brand identity reflecting the strength and versatility of EAF steel, along with a new tagline, “The strength of America’s sustainable steel.” The rebrand included the rollout of a new website,, and a compelling set of videos depicting how EAF steel is taking a lead role in transforming our infrastructure and the planet. The campaign was a success, and, among its several accolades, earned a 2022 Best of Bay American Advertising Federation (AAF) Award, or ADDY, in the corporate social responsibility category.
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