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Tampa Museum
of Art

Artful campaign delivers 64% boost in attendance year over year. Growing Tampa Museum of Art’s audience beyond the arts community.
Tampa Museum of Art Branding and Advertising


Already beloved by local art enthusiasts, the Tampa Museum of Art wanted to become an inspiring, go-to destination for the entire community. But with only 5% of the public predisposed to attending an art exhibition, the Museum needed an agency to help make the other 95% aware of what they’re missing.


To reposition the Tampa Museum as the nexus of creativity and imagination for everyone in our community, Schifino Lee created a new campaign that seeks to change public perceptions, giving them a reason to experience something new, spark great conversations, and create life-long memories in an unexpected place.
Tampa Museum of Art Exhibit posters
Tampa Museum of Art-Outdoor Billboard
Tampa Museum of Art-Outdoor Billboard
Tampa Museum of Art-Outdoor Billboard


In 2018 the campaign has:

Delivered more than
44 M


Increased social audience by
1844 %
among Bay Area residents
Increased attendance by
64 %
year over year
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