USF College of Nursing

Established in 1973, the College of Nursing is among the 14 colleges that constitute the University of South Florida (USF). USF is located in the Tampa Bay area, boasting campuses in Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Sarasota-Manatee. These campuses collectively cater to over 50,000 students, providing a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, specialist, and doctoral degree programs. The student body is characterized by its diversity, hailing from all 50 states, every U.S. territory, and over 145 countries worldwide.
USF College of Nursing


Schifino Lee was engaged by the USF College of Nursing with the goal of boosting applications and enrollment for the Master of Nursing Science (MSN), Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) as well as PhD and General Graduate of Nursing programs. In pursuit of this objective, Schifino Lee set out to establish USFCN as the leading nursing program in the state of Florida. Our strategy focused on leveraging USF’s prominent national ranking to capture the interest of potential applicants.


To achieve this, Schifino Lee executed a digital campaign consisting of two key initiatives. First, we crafted four captivating landing pages, each dedicated to a specific program within the USF College of Nursing: MSN, DNP, PhD, and General Graduate of Nursing. While these landing pages shared a consistent visual identity, tailored copy was developed for each program. Concurrently, a Google Ads Search campaign was conceived and launched to target prospective applicants, directing them to the respective lead capture landing pages for each program. This comprehensive campaign not only elevated awareness of USFCN’s exceptional programs but also significantly augmented traffic to these landing pages.


As a result, the SEM campaign generated a staggering 250K impressions and 18.8K clicks, achieving a 7.52% CTR, well above average.
250 K


18.8 K
7.52 %
Schifino Lee

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