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WRB Energy, a renewable energy developer with decades of experience in the Caribbean and Latin America, increased its awareness and leadership position with an integrated content marketing, public relations and digital strategy. The content marketing strategy and execution showcases the team’s industry perspective, achievements, and thought leadership in developing cost-effective, sustainable energy solutions.
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Renewable energy investments are a long-term commitment requiring thoughtful, prudent planning in order to take a project from concept and design to construction and operations. The WRB Energy team has successfully developed renewable energy, utility, and infrastructure projects throughout the Caribbean and Latam regions. We needed to boost awareness of their industry knowledge and accomplishments, bringing projects to completion, on time and on budget.


We developed and implemented an integrated content marketing strategy, targeting key stakeholders, including government officials, energy trade allies, developers, investors, commercial enterprises and media. We created and promoted a library of feature articles, white papers, case studies and industry perspectives to be used in e-mail marketing campaigns, media outreach, on the company’s website, and in trade events and social media. We also produced a companion corporate video, e-brochure, and sales collateral materials.
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