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Founded in 1923, Kimmins is one of Tampa Bay’s oldest and most experienced civil construction, design-build, and demolition firms. In 2023, the company marked an incredible 100 years in business.
Kimmins 100 Year Logo


To celebrate this achievement, Kimmins turned to Schifino Lee to help Kimmins raise awareness with customers, employees, and Tampa Bay residents about the company’s special history and community partnership in helping keep Tampa Bay’s infrastructure and utility services up and running for decades. In addition, Kimmins sought to raise awareness about the role that its core values of community, character, competence, and consideration have played in enabling it to reach its 100-year history, and to raise awareness about the company’s talent recruitment efforts.


Schifino Lee created a comprehensive yearlong centennial anniversary celebration campaign that included new advertising and branding materials, digital imagery sets, website sections, blog posts, social media posts, and news releases. The campaign succeeded in raising awareness of the company by significantly driving traffic to its website and increasing its social media engagement, raising awareness of its core values through the publication of contributed articles and blog posts, and spurring greater visits to and job applications submitted through the careers section of its website.

Character Employee Video and Blog

Kimmins Character Blog Post

Print Ad and Custom HQ Flag

Kimmins Print Ad-Tampa Bay Business Journal-Corporate Anniversaries Issue

Social Media Posts

Kimmins social employee profile
Kimmins Current Project Post
Kimmins social recruitment post
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